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3 Ways to Style Your Diamond Horizon Ring

The Diamond Horizon ring is stackable, versatile and can be brought into your own jewellery collection and worn in a number of ways for many years to come.

With a simple design, handmade in 9ct gold and set with a beautiful natural diamond, the Horizon ring is a real classic. Along with a curved band for extra comfort this ring will be in your collection forever. Here are my top tips on how to style your diamond Horizon ring.

How do you stack rings?

How you style and stack your rings is completely up to you and there are no rules, but these are my tips on how to wear your horizon rings. There are a number of options, but here are just three of my suggestions.

Keeping it Simple

Keep it simple by wearing it alone. The high polished band and simple rub over setting lets the diamond speak for itself. The Fsi1 grade natural diamond is bright and sparkling.

This is a simple and elegant way to wear your Horizon ring and you can choose to wear the diamond facing up or down, which ever way feels right for you.

Double Horizon

Can you wear two diamond rings together? Absolutely! Wear two Horizon rings together for an uniquely elegant style. When both diamonds face opposite directions it creates a beautiful silhouette which elongates the hands.

You can also turn the diamonds facing inwards. This makes a wider looking ring and creates space between the diamonds.

Index Finger

Should you wear a ring on your index finger?

Wearing a ring on your index finger is a real statement, and a great way to show off any piece. The Horizon ring is the perfect size to wear herer and is so comfortable with it's curved oval shaped band.

You can wear it alone, as the only ring on your hand or layer it up with extra horizon rings or pieces from your own collection.

That's just three ways of stacking your Diamond Horizon ring, but there are endless possibilities when styling this beautifully simple piece. Just remember there's no right or wrong way. Take this ring into your own collection and wear it forever, whichever way you choose. Shop this signature design classic from my ring collection Diamond Horizon ring

I would love to know how you wear yours.

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