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Create Your Own Collection, As Unique As You Are

Introducing the newly designed annex bail penants and chains.

Create your own versatile jewellery collection. Compatible with most chains, the newly designed pendants allows you to build a completely unqiue piece.

Your own collection, infused with your own meaning and significance.

How The Annex Bail Works

Designed to be versatile and adaptable, the new pendants are sold as a standalone piece, allowing you to pair it with your choice of chain. W

The annex bail ensures a seamless attachment to most chains, granting you the freedom to personalise your look and create a style that is uniquely yours.

Simply slip the annex bail pendant onto a chain and wear as a normal pendant or you can attach the bail to a single link and wear as a charm, by pressing the hinged bail onto the link.

This provides endless ways to wear your pieces. Create a charm necklace, create a Y necklace with drop, attach the pendants to a bracelet.

Wear your pieces, your way.


Rachel Swan Goldsmith, Marlay Park, Dublin.jpg
emerald and gold necklace
Rachel Swan Goldsmith, Marlay Park, Dublin.jpeg
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