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Return of the Goldsmith: Re-opening my Marlay Park studio

Updated: Mar 26

My Marlay Park workshop has been back open since the beginning of May. I’ve had to change and adapt a few things in the shop, but overall things are operating smoothly.

Although access to the studio is not permitted, you can still browse from the courtyard.

As anyone who has visited my studio will know, I have always maintained an extremely high level of hygiene in my workshop, so this has not been a major challenge. Any jewellery that has been tried on or touched is put aside and cleaned thoroughly.

As always the online shop is open and updated regularly so keep an eye out for some new designs. Orders are being delivered with no delays by registered post with An Post.

If there’s any question you have - please feel free to contact me and I would be delighted to have a chat. I'm looking forward to see you in person or indeed online.

You can read more about my workshop online here

Finally, I have a favour to ask. I would absolutely love if you could share this news letter by email or sharing on your social media or blog. I would also like to thank everyone who has already shared my pictures and posts online, visited my web and to everyone who has stopped by the studio. I really appreciate all your support.

Thank You


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emerald and gold necklace
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