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Spotlight On: Magical Opals

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Mesmerising, and ethereal, the opal has an otherworldly feeling.

With flashes of blues, greens, pinks and oranges, these gemstones evoke visions of the aurora borealis or a fireworks display.

Around 90% of the worlds opals are from Australia. They are formed when rainwater seeps through the earth gathering silica from sandstone and deposits into cracks and crevices. These deposits are left after the rainwater is evaporated. This cycle is repeated again and again over many years.

Opals are generally cut into rounded cabochon shapes, and are not usually faceted as they don’t need any help getting light in and bouncing around the stone. They have a beautiful, natural display of colours. Each one is individual and unique, no two are the same which makes them so magical.

I prefer using opals which have a slightly white background and are translucent with feathered or veined flashes of blue and greens with some orange too. These are the opals you will see in my jewellery.

Wearing opals really brings them to life, and I absolutely love wearing mine. They have such a brightening effect. I really think they come alive when worn, it’s almost like a light is switched on.

Opal is the birthstone for October, so if you know anyone lucky enough to have an October birthday, you can browse handmade made opal jewellery here, where you’ll find opal necklaces and rings. The perfect gift if you’re looking for simple, elegant opal jewellery.

It’s also the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary!

If you would like to learn more about Opal you can visit the GIA website or if you have any questions please do contact me


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emerald and gold necklace
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