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Feel the Love: Valentines Day gift ideas for your special someone

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Ruby pendant
EOS & Ruby pendant

Give a unique gift this valentines day. Give the gift of handmade.

For centuries, lovers have been showering their valentine with gifts of their affection on February 14th. This Valentines Day take some inspiration from the classics - rubies and diamonds, handmade in Dublin.

You only have to look into it's blood red centre to see why Ruby is the gemstone most associated with Valentines Day. Powerful, alluring and highly sought after, Rubies are synonymous with passion and love. Shrouded in myth and legend the Ruby has also been linked to royalty and wealth, and worn as a talisman, Ruby is thought to bring peace and protection.

Ruby earrings, ruby pendant, ruby and diamond pendant
EOS drop earrings, Ruby & Diamond pendant

A valentines day gift doesn't need to be a classic heart shaped, the double circles of this Ruby & Diamond pendant represent eternal, everlasting love, in the most contemporary way.

The Eos & Ruby drop earrings are an ideal Valentines Day gift for someone who loves Art Deco style jewellery. Handmade in Dublin using 9ct gold.

Ruby pendant, diamond earrings
Diamond studs, Ruby pendant

These classic diamond studs will last an eternity.

Made using F grade diamonds, si1 clarity.

Pair with this simple Ruby disc pendant.

Both diamonds and rubies have always been thought of as the most romantic of stones. They are the hardest gemstones with diamond ranked at 10 on the Mohs scale. Ruby comes in a close second at 9. So they are perfect gemstones for everyday wear.

No matter what piece you choose for your Valentine, handmade jewellery is, by far, the most thoughtful and romantic gift. Unique, elegant, and delicate, Rachel's Ruby and diamond pieces will be cherished forever.

*If you would like to learn more about Ruby and Diamond, the GIA are industry leaders when it comes to gemstone education and standards, and if you would like to know more about Rachel's jewellery, you can contact Rachel here


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emerald and gold necklace
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