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Why Invest in Handmade Jewellery...

When you buy a Rachel Swan Goldsmith piece, you’re not just buying a beautiful piece of jewellery, you’re buying something much more. You are part of an experience. You are part of a community of jewellery and design lovers.

If you’re thinking about investing in jewellery that will last a lifetime, handmade jewellery, might be just for you! Here are just some of the things you get when you buy Rachel Swan Goldsmith, handmade jewellery.

  • Every piece will last a lifetime. I use solid 9ct gold when making my jewellery, which means that you will have your jewellery forever. It won’t fade or tarnish and there is minimal cleaning needed- here’s a blog post about how to clean your gold jewellery.

  • Beautiful coloured gemstones - (and I only use the goods ones!) I work with my favourite gemstones which include ruby, sapphire, diamond, pearls and opals.

  • Diamond grade - I exclusively use Fsi1 grade diamonds or better when making my jewellery. This gives the best sparkle and colour to your piece. You can read more about diamonds here. link another blog post.

  • Design - Each collection has had extensive design decisions. Even the most simple pieces have so much consideration to the design. Read more about my design process here.

  • Exceptional finish. I am a stickler for the finish. The more simple the design, the more difficult it is to get a quality finish and flaws will easily show up, which leads me onto the next benefit..

  • Quality control, every piece is handmade by myself. I am the only jeweller that makes my designs, which means quality control is at the fore at every stage in the making process. This means from the very start to the final polish, I have made and checked every single piece and only pass pieces that are 100% perfect in my opinion.

  • Detail - this is one of my favourites. The satin finish with highly polished edges. The hand-set gemstones. These are details that machine made jewellery just can’t replicate, and ones I spend a little bit more time on to make sure each piece is perfect.

  • Limited editions - my jewellery collections are not mass produced. They are handmade by me, in my studio.

  • Every piece is handcrafted with love. Every piece is made with my own hands in my own studio. Every piece is filled with good thoughts and intentions for the wearer. When I create a piece, I think about the person who it’s going to, or who it could possibly go home to, every time I create.

  • A personal touch. Whether it’s the handwritten note included in every order or the unrivalled customer service I offer, a personal touch adds so much more to your purchase - that’s priceless. I am there every step of the way - you are not dealing with a chat bot or a customer service rep. It’s me and only me, and I care deeply about your customer experience.

There is nothing more alluring, charming and magical than handmade jewellery. If you share this love of traditional hand crafted jewellery and want to add some magic to your jewellery collection, you are more than welcome to come along with me on this artisanal journey.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or pop on live chat.

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emerald and gold necklace
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