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Spring Edits: Refreshing Your Jewellery Collection for the Season

Spring is the perfect time to give your jewellery collection a refresh. With the warmer weather and brighter days ahead, it's the perfect opportunity to reorganise and declutter your collection and make room for new pieces. In this blog post, I'll cover a few tips to help you with your spring edits. I'll show you how cleaning your jewellery, editing your pieces, and choosing different coloured gemstones can give your jewellery collection a whole new look.

Cleaning Your Handmade Jewellery

Over time, your jewellery can accumulate dirt, oil, and grime that can dull its shine and colour. Cleaning your jewelry is an essential to keep it looking it's best at all times. Here are a few tips to help you clean your jewellery:

  • Use a soft-bristled brush or cotton bud and mild soap to clean your jewelry. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your jewelry.

  • Be gentle when cleaning your jewelry. Use a light touch and avoid scrubbing too hard.

  • Dry your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning it. Use a soft cloth to gently pat it dry.

You can read more about cleaning your jewellery in this blog post.

Editing Your Collection

Editing your jewellery collection is an excellent way to declutter and make room for new pieces. You can store pieces away for the next season, making decision time easier, having less to choose from.

When it comes time to take your pieces out of storage, it can even feel like you have a completely new piece or like having an old friend back.

When editing your collection, consider the following:

  • What pieces will you wear the most this Spring?

  • Which piece will go with your lifestyle

  • Clean and store away the pieces you won't wear until next season.

You can read more about jewellery storage and how to create a capsule jewellery collection might also be a helpful read.

Choosing Different Colored Gemstones

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with different colored gemstones. Emerald in particular is associated with rebirth, renewed energy and is synonymous with springtime for several reasons.

Firstly, emerald is a gemstone that is naturally green in color, green is strongly associated with springtime due to the new growth of plants and foliage during this season. The vibrant green color of emerald is reminiscent of the lush greenery that emerges during the spring, making it a popular choice for springtime jewellery.

You can read more about the symbolic meaning of emeralds

Secondly, emerald has been historically associated with rebirth and renewal. In ancient mythology, emerald was believed to be a stone of healing and rejuvenation. The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed that the green color of emerald represented fertility and rebirth, and they often buried emerald amulets with their dead to symbolize eternal youth and vitality.

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, which falls during the spring season. As a result, emerald has become a popular choice for springtime jewelry, particularly for those celebrating a May birthday.

You can shop emerald pieces to add to your eternal Springtime collection.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your jewelry collection. By cleaning your jewelry, editing your collection, and experimenting with different colored gemstones, you can create a collection that feels fresh and new.

Happy spring editing and as always if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.